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Building a Safer Future: HSSEQ Consulting Solutions for Ghanaian Businesses

Go Compliance Solutions is a Health Safety Security Environment and Quality Consulting Company duly registered under the laws of Ghana. It was incorporated in the year 2021 and started its operations same year. The company is currently located at Tema Community 25 close to DPS school.

The Company currently has a well-motivated team of four with various leadership backgrounds.

GCS has a good governance system led by its Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and expertise in Security, Occupational Health and Safety, Legal, Risk Management and Management System Audits.

The Management of GCS emphasizes a hands-on approach to HSSEQ program management at both managerial and operational levels.
The Company is managed by competent staff and led by the CEO, Mr. James Kwasi Ofori – OSHP, CQP who has quantum of experiences in HSSEQ Management and implementation as well as Audits and Corrective actions Implementations.


HSEQ Training and Awareness

We provide comprehensive training programs and initiatives to promote health, safety, environmental, and quality awareness within organizations, ensuring a culture of compliance and risk mitigation. Go Compliance Solutions is a member of the BNI Gold Chapter.


Health Screening Campaigns for Organizations

Our tailored health screening campaigns help organizations proactively monitor and manage the health and well-being of their employees, fostering a healthy workforce and reducing potential risks.


ISO 45001/14001/9001 Certifications

We guide organizations through the certification process for ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 standards, helping them establish internationally recognized management systems and gain a competitive edge.


Digitization of Administrative Processes

Our digitization solutions streamline administrative processes, reducing paperwork, enhancing data accuracy, and improving overall efficiency, enabling organizations to focus on their core operations.


Project Risk Assessments

We conduct comprehensive risk assessments for projects, identifying potential hazards and implementing risk mitigation strategies to ensure the successful and safe execution of projects.


Sale of PPE's

We offer a range of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide organizations and individuals with essential safety gear, ensuring their well-being and compliance with industry standards.

Our Powerhouse Team of Experts

Discover the dynamic force behind Go Compliance Solutions - our powerhouse team of HSSEQ experts. With diverse backgrounds in security, occupational health and safety, legal matters, risk management, and management system audits, our passionate and driven professionals are dedicated to delivering unparalleled consulting services.

James Kwasi Ofori

James Kwasi Ofori


John Mensah Seglah

John Mensah Seglah


Vivian Chizoba Onyeka

Vivian Chizoba Onyeka

Executive Assistant

What Our Clients Say


Exceptional Service and Expertise

Go Compliance Solutions provided us with exceptional service and expertise in implementing our HSSEQ management system. Their team was highly knowledgeable, efficient, and professional throughout the process. We highly recommend their services to any organization seeking top-notch HSSEQ consulting.

Vivian Okoto

Vivian Okoto

Trusted Partner for ISO Certification

We partnered with Go Compliance Solutions for ISO 9001 certification, and they exceeded our expectations. Their meticulous attention to detail, thorough audits, and guidance were instrumental in achieving our certification. Their team's expertise and dedication made them a trusted partner for our quality management needs.

Paul Trueman

Paul Trueman

Reliable and Result-Oriented

We have been working with Go Compliance Solutions for several years, and they have consistently proven to be a reliable and result-oriented partner. Their hands-on approach to HSSEQ program management has helped us enhance our safety culture and achieve operational excellence. Their commitment to our success is truly commendable.

Viktoria Freeman

Viktoria Freeman

Efficient Digitization Solutions

Go Compliance Solutions streamlined our administrative processes through their efficient digitization solutions. Their expertise in automating workflows and reducing paperwork has greatly improved our operational efficiency. We are impressed with their dedication to delivering innovative solutions that drive productivity and cost savings.

Audrey Oldman

Audrey Oldman

Your Partner for Success.

Together, we're building a safer, greener, and more compliant future. Connect with us today and experience the power of exceptional consulting, tailored training, and innovative solutions. Let's embark on a journey towards operational excellence and sustainable growth!